Friday, February 18, 2011


Can you imagine your life full of immense happiness each day ! Yes, sure why not ?

In fact , if you come down to brass tacks , the fact of the matter is that really very little is required in life to be really happy ! Why then is it that most of the people around you tend to be living a life of misery when god has been kind to them and given them plenty of all the good things in life !

The real problems arise when a person's desires seem to have no boundaries , and when you have this , you want that , and when you have that , you want just that more !!

Really , are you never ever satisfied with your lot that you always want to ask for that much more , is that the score ?

Come on now , you must define your limits , your quest in life must be for inner peace of mind and happiness , and not for amassing physical possessions galore !

Learn to be happy with your lot , learn to be content with what you have , and you will never ever be unhappy ! Learn also to say thank you to god from the bottom of your heart , each day , every day , so as you learn happy lessons in your life !

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