Friday, February 18, 2011


Can you imagine your life full of immense happiness each day ! Yes, sure why not ?

In fact , if you come down to brass tacks , the fact of the matter is that really very little is required in life to be really happy ! Why then is it that most of the people around you tend to be living a life of misery when god has been kind to them and given them plenty of all the good things in life !

The real problems arise when a person's desires seem to have no boundaries , and when you have this , you want that , and when you have that , you want just that more !!

Really , are you never ever satisfied with your lot that you always want to ask for that much more , is that the score ?

Come on now , you must define your limits , your quest in life must be for inner peace of mind and happiness , and not for amassing physical possessions galore !

Learn to be happy with your lot , learn to be content with what you have , and you will never ever be unhappy ! Learn also to say thank you to god from the bottom of your heart , each day , every day , so as you learn happy lessons in your life !


My daily resolve when I awaken from slumber is to thank god for all the good things and all the blessings that he has endowed upon me in this wonderful life of mine !

I can never ever stop thanking god for all the blessings granted to me and my gratitude knows no bounds since I wake up each day full of happiness and with the wonderful feeling that it is going to be a real wonderful day , in each and every possible way !

Thank you god for the bright sun shining in my life each day and for all the wonderful things that come my way !

Life is really very beautiful and I wish to cherish each moment , today , and every day , all the way !


God give me the strength and purpose of mind to decide what I want to do with my life and also the wisdom to live my life day by day , and treasure the moments that this day , that is today has to offer , since this is actually the moment of our life !

There is virtually no yesterday and no tomorrow , except for today , since today becomes yesterday tomorrow , and tomorrow becomes today the next day !

So , it's all about today , since yesterday is gone by and is history , whereas tomorrow is most certainly a mystery !

Live today , party today , count your blessings today and be extremely happy today , for the rest of your life !

When we drive a car , we look back occasionally , to view the rear traffic , but our focus is on viewing the front of our vehicle so as we navigate safely through the traffic !

Why then do we often dwell on our yesterdays for hours at a stretch , whereas we should only use our yesterdays as our reference point for living a complete life TODAY !


Lord Shiva is known to be the supreme Hindu God who is the creator of the entire universe and has the ability to destroy everything as well !

Lord Shiva is the god who is also the most generous and kind of heart and easy to please by worship and if you incessantly remember his name by chanting his magic mantra : "om namoh shivaya " , you are sure to have all your prayers answered !!

Believe in the Lord of the universe with sheer intensity of your faith , and wait and see your life transform into a magical world wherein all your dreams and desires are bound to come true !

Remember , we are all the children of God , and by chanting the name of our creator we are energizing ourselves with an abundant amount of positive energy which will be of immense help to us in the charting of the course of our life and navigating ourselves to success , peace of mind , tranquility and an inner happiness that knows no bounds !

Praise be to the Lord : " om namoh shivaya "


Have faith in God , for all journeys of life begin and end with him . We were born of his will and we will die of his will , and every breath we take is decided by the Almighty our father in Heaven !

Can we make any event in our life happen without his accordance ! No ! Let's face the facts of our life plain and simple : Man proposes and God disposes !

Don't struggle too much with your circumstances in life , just do your Karma and follow your Dharma and God will take care of you by holding your hand and helping you in braving the storms and tempests in your life !


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Can you tell me what is right and wrong and how to make out the difference between the two ?

Does one listen to the mind or to the heart , and what role does God play in helping us take the right decisions ?

If you ask me really and truly , why we need to know , the reason is pure and simple and that is that our right actions and karma , on the path of dharma, the path of righteousness , will help us to move in the right direction !!

Please do what is right , do it now , and do it for the rest of your life !!

Peace and happiness to all of you ..............bless your soul !!


Faith can move mountains is what we have heard people say all along and therefore do have faith not only in yourself , but also in the God Almighty who will help you traverse the journey of your life by holding your hand and taking you safely across all the obstacles , be they mountains, rivers or oceans which may come in your way !!

Remember, no matter where you are , and no matter who you are , God loves you and will take care of you , protect you , and make sure you sail through smoothly enough !

In return god only asks you : HAVE FAITH , HELP IS ON IT'S WAY !

Never forget : The brightest and sunniest morning , cheerful and smiling , comes after the darkest and most dreary and depressing night !!